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Audi, Brose, Faurecia, Fehrer, Grammer, Lear, Porsche, Seat, Sitech, Skoda, Thyssenkrupp, Volkswagen

PTM services
Construction | Manufacturing of prototypes | Surface treatment

Production techniques
Cold shaping of all material grades
Tube shaping
Further processing of components (welding, riveting, stamping etc.)


Machine configuration
Punching machines and transfer presses with coil systems (up to 1,000 t)
Hydraulic presses with a die cushion (up to 800 t)
Eccentric presses (up to 125 t)
Industrial and welding systems (all production techniques)
Manufacturing of special systems (mechanized riveting, connecter stamping, tube shaping)


DIN EN 9001
ISO/TS 16949